The Return of Sedwick


  “I think Gynaecologists must really dig butt sex,” Sedwick says.

  “Yeah? You reckon?” Tom sighs, haven given up a long time ago. Tokyo is nothing but a luminescent ball in the rear-view.

  “I do,” Sedwick continues, ignorant to Tom’s obvious displeasure, “I mean, think about it; they’re staring up random cooch all day, the last thing they wanna do when they get home to the wife is wail on it.”

  “You’re probably right, buddy,” Tom says, suddenly genuine, “He’s probably all ‘back that ass up, baby,’ right?”

  Sedwick looks shocked and pumped simultaneously. He laughs.

  If you can’t beat them…

Sedwick & Tom featured in one of BPDs first ever 100 word stories; Tokyo Approaches. I thought it only right to bring them back one last time before we said goodbye to the format forever! Also, ever since I started up this site I had written in my ‘ideas’ section ‘A story about Gynaecologists!’ So consider that ticked off my literary bucket list too.


~ by Joseph Blame on June 14, 2011.

One Response to “The Return of Sedwick”

  1. Hohoho, I wonder who this is about.

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