The road was uneventful, all eight-hundred some miles of it. The journey across to West Wyoming went by peacefully – retrospect allows me to see it as the calm before the storm – but we arrived in Dickville, PA in good spirits. Brother and Sister and justice all working together on the same job, hunting the same mark. There would be no complications this time – werewolves are werewolves are werewolves, there’s nothing to them, no inner depths, no potential for change. Our pa taught us one thing when it came to Lycans; you put them down, then you put them down again. No questions asked.

24 hours later…

  I wake up to find Faith has yet to put me down. I’m strung up against a wall, the shackles chaffing painfully against my raw skin, though the fresh flesh is red for a different reason. I’ve shed recently. I look beneath me, past my naked form, to see the pink sheath wet on the floor of… wherever we are right now. I’m guessing a cellar of a shack as far away from civilization as my transmogrification will allow. I swallow painfully and allow myself one moments pity for the sad affair my life has quickly become before speaking.

  "Effy," I say, my voice sticking in my throat before I finally manage to get the syllable out. Faith, who is sitting at a desk in the corner, hunched over something or other, doesn’t respond. I try again. "Sis?"

  "Don’t," comes her curt reply. There’s a whole lot of restraint in that one word. I can feel it, reverberating off her in waves. It scares me. I don’t want to know what’s truly behind it. What’s lurking, hidden deep within, my sister. I’m sure she feels the same way towards me right now. I tug limply at the chains. They’re not going anywhere. Not with me like this, at any rate. Whether or not they’ll be able to hold me later, I’m not so sure. I hope she knows.

  "Faith, you have to-"
"I don’t have to do anything, little brother," she shouts instantly, turning the page of the book in front of her. I notice a little stack of them beside her. We both know there isn’t an answer in there. If there was an answer anywhere the law – or more appropriately, the lore -  wouldn’t be so absolute in regards to putting them… us down. Oh God.

  "We’re not giving up," she continues, sensing the destination of my train of thought, "we’re going to fix you. But for now you shut up, got it kid?"

  "Sure Effy," I say solemnly, under no false hope as to how this story will inevitably end, "Sure."

24 Hours Earlier…

  The town is on its toes. The recent murders have the quiet community thoroughly spooked. There’s nary a whisper of anything supernatural on the people’s lips, but they know something ain’t right. We stroll through the market under the suspicious eye of each and every one of them. Outsiders at a time like this are bound to arouse a misguided interest. Faith tips her hat and carries on through toward the motel. In-out job never felt more appropriate. I was eager to finish this quick, do it right and get the hell out before the wrong people started asking the wrong questions. I’m sure my sister felt the same. Still, first we had to find the beast. It shouldn’t be hard. Lycans are hardly the most surreptitious killers. Its trail would be an easy one to find. An even easier one to follow. And – if you can believe it – their reign easier still to end. I’ve decided – I’m not gonna count the zombie job. This is my first. This is my cherry-popper. And what an easy one to start with.

to be continued…

~ by Joseph Blame on June 20, 2011.

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