The Chun-Li Dynasty


The beauty of spring resounds therein,
On petal blossom’s sighs,
But you shall not know beauty true,
‘Til you’ve seen Chun-Li’s thighs,

Donned in simple sky Qipao,
She bears no mortal sins,
So sinners steel the wrath you’ll feel,
At Chun-Li’s deadly pins,

As fist and palm are met to duel,
Be sure to watch those pegs,
For Shadaloo will feel the pain,
Of Chun-Li’s Lightning Legs!

Today’s story poem celebrates the release of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on home consoles. It’s an ode to my favourite femme fatale from the video game world and her incredible legs.

~ by Joseph Blame on June 7, 2011.

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