Tokyo Approaches


“Did you know that some people have urine fetishes?” Sedwick says.

“Fascinating” says a distracted Tom, fiddling with the camera around his neck, “why isn’t this damn-“


“Great” says Tom, annoyed, looking at the display, “now I have a picture of my crotch.”

“But I mean… pee!” Sedwick continues, “like, peeing on each other!”

The statement elicits no response.

“How gross is that?” he tries again, lying; he is more intrigued than disgusted.

Tom stares silently from the window of the bus toward the encroaching mass of light that is Tokyo.

“Some people like poop-sex!” exclaims Sedwick.

Tom sighs.


~ by Joseph Blame on July 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Tokyo Approaches”

  1. ha ha, these characters have potential.

  2. […] them… AUTHOR’S NOTE: Sedwick & Tom featured in one of BPDs first ever 100 word stories; Tokyo Approaches. I thought it only right to bring them back one last time before we said goodbye to the format […]

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