Joe and Jodie’s Magical Adventure ‘11


  “Napa Valley is as good a place as any for a magical adventure!” Jodie says, “It’s like… untouched.”
  “No,” Joe argues, “it’s touched, it’s very much touched, you just want to go because it’s wine country.”
  “No – I mean, sure, I like wine as much as the next girl – but you have like, seven hundred and fifty three square miles of lush vistas and there’s the Mayacamas mountains on the northern prairies, which, did you know, is the bay’s second tallest peak and-”
  “Are you on Wikipedia?”
  “Wikipedia, motherfudger, are you on it?”
…yes,” Jodie reveals, irritated.
  “So why do you really want to go to Napa Valley?”
  “Fine it’s the Cabernet but come on! I’m sure it’s pretty this time of year. I’m sure we could definitely have a magical adventure there.”
  “Fine,” Joe says, redirecting his browser to the airlines website, “but if our adventure is more Merlot than magical, you’re reimbursing me for my ticket.”
  “Dude, it’s been two decades since the Merlot winery craze of-”
  “Dude, Wikipedia, off, now.”
  “That wasn’t Wikipedia,” Jodie mumbles, embarrassed.
  “Oh,” Joe replies, clicking through looking for decent prices to San Francisco, “what was it?”
  “My brain.”
  “You need help.”

Every year me and my BESTEST friend Jodie (fun fact, Jodie is BPD’s official POSTER CHILD / BANNER GIRL and has been since day ONE!!) go on a magical adventure wish we could go on an adventure of magical proportions. Our tradition of going on magical adventures talking about potential adventures we’ll never have is a good five years old now, and maybe one year we’ll actually be able to go on a magical adventure regular trip. As long as she lays off the red.


~ by Joseph Blame on June 5, 2011.

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  1. book those flights immediately

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