Wish You Were Here


  I run for the cliff edge until it’s there, under me, behind me, and I’m falling past the scraggy formation, upside down now, the ground hurtling towards me, eager to meet. I’m a little less keen. I spread my arms and my wingsuit finds purchase on the wind and I swoop upwards and outwards and across the waves. It’s a beautiful thing. You should be here. The looming oppression of Valenia is so far beneath me now I can laugh and breathe and live the way life should be lived. Why grovel when I can soar. Why beg when I can fly.

  Five minutes later, satisfied with my distance, I put my arms back at my sides, the wings flapping uselessly now, and I plummet towards the calm of the bottomless ocean. A friend I’m eager to meet. Have it wash over me, wash their filth from my tired skin and worn out soul. I’ll swim back. I always swim back. But each day I’ll go a little further. Each day I’ll try to find something new. Something preferable. I’ll tweak the suit. I’ll get stronger. I’ll be more willing to swim farther to get home if it means that one day I can get away from the place forever. But today, only failure. Beautiful, wonderful failure. Wish you were here.



~ by Joseph Blame on May 31, 2011.

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