Off the Cuff


  Maudlin Grimm stared, entranced, at Franny Williams, a look she reciprocated perhaps with slightly less intensity but reciprocated nevertheless. Franny, with an air of annoyance, broke the locking of the eyes first, going to sit beside her husband. Snapping from his reverie, Maudlin shook his head as if to clear it and turned back to his brother. Ponting, no stranger to his younger siblings’ hasty spews of instant emotion, was left only to shake his head.

  “Williams is sitting right there, dear brother,” he hissed as Mr. Williams scolded his wife for her lateness, “do try to hide your emotional erection, wont you?”
  “You noticed?” Maudlin asked in a whisper, suddenly nervous that the quick-tempered Williams might have also spotted the strangeness of the meet.
  “I thought you were smitten with Bethany – with vigour no less you attested only ten minutes ago,” Ponting continued, ignoring the question, “your ever-changing whims will get be your untimely downfall, Mau, of that there can be no doubt.”
  “Oh hush,” Maudlin said, turning back to their hosts who were finishing their domestic dispute – that is, Mr. Williams berating his wife and she accepting it accordingly.

  “My God,” Ponting muttered to himself, “we’re doomed.” 


~ by Joseph Blame on May 26, 2011.

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