The Girl in: Life & Death


  The Girl fell to her knees, stumbling out of her father’s embrace and into the mud of a dark graveyard. For a while she stayed there, on her hands and knees, the rain washing away her tears discreetly, the rhythmic drumming of it on her hold all calming her from one of the more eventful visits she’d had since she started jumping. She rolled onto her back, already soaked through, and took out the watch, holding it above her face to look at her remaining time in this plane of existence. Thirty-four minutes.

  The jumps were getting shorter, there was no doubt about it. She’d usually stay for weeks in a place before having to leave, but over the last few months they had become more erratic. Desperate. As if her ticking companion had begun searching for something. It unsettled her.

  A startlingly white pair of legs walked past her in the dark, so close she could have reached out and grabbed whoever it was had she not been arrested wholly with the shock of the disturbance. She quickly got to her feet and stared after the nurse, for that is what she was, undeniably; even from behind the pristine light pink ensemble, the white stockings and the absurdly clean pumps gave her occupation away. What she saw next was far more unnerving.

  The nurse arrived beside a bed – a typical, hospital bed – in the middle of the tombstones. A doctor stood there also, looking down with concern at a heavily pregnant woman heaving with the obvious agony of childbirth. Here, amongst all this death, new life was about to arrive.


~ by Joseph Blame on May 25, 2011.

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