River of Dreams


  She’d only had her face beneath the surface for a couple of seconds when she burst spluttering from the ever-expanding ripples as if she’d spent a lifetime down there.

  “You jerk!” she shouts, pushing me hard and causing me to topple from my crouch. I land on my ass in the mud beside the river.

  “What the hell? What?” I shout back, immediately angry.

  “Why’d you keep me down there so long? Fuck you.”

  “You were under for all of three seconds, Judy, I told you that river does shit.”

  “And you expect me to believe that? Bullshit. I thought I was going to drown” she snorts for good measure, then coughs on the water she’s accidentally inhaled. I can’t say I’m not nervous. A day prior, when I’d plunged into the river to escape the simply obnoxious heat of noon, I’d seen… visions. I wish there is another way to explain what I saw down there but there just isn’t. What did Judy see?

  She notices my reverie and I think it unsettles her. She shuffles over to me on her knees, her face still dripping.

  “You really didn’t keep me down?”

  I shake my head solemnly without looking at her. I’m simply staring at the surface. There is nothing alive near it. On it. Underneath it. Nothing moves.

  “What did you see?” she asks.

  A hospital I’m alone. The machine next to me rings out one final beat of a dying heart.

  I don’t tell her.

  “Mark? What did you see?” she repeats.

  “The visions,” I start, saddened by my revelation, “I think… I think it’s how we die.”


~ by Joseph Blame on May 24, 2011.

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  1. carry on with this one!

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