A Dog Named Sit


01   My name is Daisy-May. I am six years old.

 02 Five years I wanted a dog. Five long, dogless years.

03     On my last birthday my Daddy got me a puppy. Finally, right? 
He is white with brown spots. I called him Sit.

04   Mommy and Daddy said “No Daisy-May, you simply cannot call a dog Sit. He will be a very confused puppy and an even more confused grown-up puppy.”

 05 I said “Viva Anarchy!”

06   They sent me to my room.

  07 When I tell Sit to sit he runs over to me.
  My parents say “we told you so.”

08I say, “Sick ‘em, boy!” Sit understands this one.

09Now me and Sit are orphan-hobos, but we get a lot more money than Beans, the tramp next door. And nobody, nobody, tells me that Sit is a stupid name for my dog.
Life is good.

This started out as an honest-to-goodness kids book. It really did. It was originally for my little sister, who named her dog Sit. Guess that dedication is D.O.A. Originally it was pictureless, just a few hundred boring words, but then I thought, heck, I’ve got an hour to kill, and what with me being SUCH A GREAT ARTIST, I should show you guys my talent. Hope you enjoyed it.


~ by Joseph Blame on May 22, 2011.

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