The Comeback


  Sephianna slammed hard against the door, dislodging a thick layer of dust as she did so but displacing nothing else. The sound of her failure bounced away, reverberating through the stone corridors behind her and echoing around the crypts and caverns it found along the way.

  The sword rested against a slick wall to the side, glinting in the shreds of sunlight that managed to filter through the cracks of dilapidated masonry. The door was still as steadfast against her second shoulder barge, but with the third there was a distinct snap of splintering wood. With a final lunge it finally gave way with a loud crack and Sephianna was temporarily blinded by the influx of white light that flooded the tomb. Her momentum sent her falling out and she stumbled onto a precarious ledge that wrapped around the base of the monastery. The destroyed door tumbled down the steep decline, bouncing off rocks with an ever increasing velocity until, finally, it shattered into a hundred fragments against the craggy base below. Sephianna, clinging on to the door frame behind her with her fingertips, allowed herself to breathe again.

  The sky in front of her was black from the fires of the town below, and though the terrorized cries of her people had died out Sephianna still found an untapped well of rage ready at her disposal, all too close to the surface for common sense to win out against it. Not too far from the town walls were a band of riders, already beginning to crown the horizon. Sephianna had no doubt that they were the firestarters. She retreated back to the shadowy depths of the cave-like entrance behind her to retrieve the blade and, dragging the giant sword outside, allowed the rage to take control. 


~ by Joseph Blame on May 20, 2011.

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