Those Who Play Music


  Sloane idly slips a solid gold slide onto her ring finger and plucks a few notes on her muted Les Paul as she looks up and smiles at me. I entered quietly, nervously, hoping I didn’t catch anyone with their pants down, but she spotted me immediately. She’s sitting on an amp, looks tiny atop it, a behemoth of equipment whose very presence here boggles me. The room must have been erected around it, is the only logical solution as to how it ended up here.

  Her legs are dangling from it as she rolls the eight wheels of her skates (I don’t get it either but it certainly makes for a show) against the floor rhythmically. Stand-in percussion. Sloane and her band – Those Who Play Music – and the rest of the musically gifted world must be programmed differently to the rest of us, I reckon. They can find it anywhere they look. They discover it without even searching it out. It’s a rattle and a dry pluck but it has something to it. It can be felt without question. A beat. A hook. It’s nuts. She watches me like what she’s doing is nothing. Takes no concentration. Judging me judging her.

  “Where’s the others?” I ask. Sloane shrugs.  A mute in a sea of sound. Noelle and Artemis promise me she’s never said a word to them either. If she ever has ideas about songs she turns up to practise with photocopies of a sheet full of lyrics that she’s been working on for who knows how long. Could have been months, could have been days. They also say she wears those skates to every session as well, even ones in carpeted studios. Go figure.

  I sit down in a comfortable looking chair and tap my feet absently to the mute playing mute, my own private show, as I wait for the rest of the band to turn up. It would be a awkward interview if the only person I was asking questions to couldn’t answer them. She smiles again, an appreciative one, nodding to my feet as if to thank me for my involvement, and for a second I question myself. Maybe we all have it inside of us. Maybe.

Partially inspired by my fantasies lived out through the Rock Band franchise, partially inspired by my friends who prove that everyone in the world, aside from myself, can play music. I can rock a pretty sweet plastic axe, though. Special thanks to Susan Lyndhurst for some info tonight.

A cool name for a band would be ‘The Band Its’ right? Right?? This is why I’m not part of a band.


~ by Joseph Blame on May 17, 2011.

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