Rise of the Supervillain


  Capeman had slunk out of Homecave quietly, not wishing to disturb Redcoat as he slept awkwardly in the armchair, the DVD menu of Nineteen Naughty Nuns’s looping infinitely. Cape needed some time. The city had been ugly recently, rearing up more often than usual, throwing villain after villain in their general direction. Whilst the city housed over thirty-eight registered heroes none ever seemed to answer the call, as if they’d gone on holiday at once. Crime had noticed.

  Capeman pushed absently on the trunk of a tree as he passed it and the hidden platform beneath the waves, linking Homecave Isle to the mainland, rose silently. Aqua waves still washed over it but they were shallow enough now for Cape to walk the one mile towards Bromidicity. No doubt there would be evil there, amidst its twisting streets and gutless underbelly, and perhaps, should he cross any of it on his midnight walk, he would take care of it. Perhaps not.

  The idea briefly crossed his mind, very briefly, that the other heroes may very well be in some sort of collective trouble, that some mastermind villain had pulled at the strings of his cohorts and, like some grim marionette theatre, the lot of them had risen at once to take over his hometown. This troubled Capeman a great deal, so much so that he decided to ignore his instincts and go with the holiday explanation instead. It was far more pleasant to conceive and besides, the alternative gave him indigestion.

  It was hard to stomach the looming shadow of a million potential terrors.


~ by Joseph Blame on May 12, 2011.

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