Vegas, Baby!


  The bright lights of Vegas paint the sky a neon glow. The strip is a cacophony of ringing machines and loud music and the whoop of the win and it surrounds us all, beckons us in, to become one with the risk, and maybe – just maybe – the reward.

  I’ve been to racetracks before, and small time casinos even, but this is totally different experience. It’s the fruities on speed, the slots on crack, blackjack for winners! This microcosm hosts it’s own warped version of the American Dream, startling in it’s similarity, where a hundred suckers every second arrive believing that there’s break to be had here, and all it takes is to catch it.

  We walk past Casino Royale, Caesars Palace, the Bellagio, and I feel like the new protagonist in the new movie that’s hitching its star to the same old wagon, the oldest of them all, where all it takes is a sleight of hand to make you believe that yes, this is the land of opportunity. You can see the appeal, right? Hell, I’m standing here with a hundred dollars worth of Venetian chips in my pocket despite cashing in triple that, and I can still hear her calling, the prettiest lady of them all, the fickle siren temptress bitch herself; Luck.

  I don’t even want to drown her out.

Thanks to J-dizzle McSquizzle for the idea today. She helped an uninspired-brother out. Truly..


~ by Joseph Blame on April 27, 2011.

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