High School Reunion


  High school reunions. Events like these weren’t meant for me. All I’ll get from the experience is painful flashbacks and fresh insults. I suddenly regret the highlights I put in this morning. No, these gatherings were simply an opportunity for the now-older jocks to screw the now-older cheerleaders one more time.

  “Come on, Brit,” Jerry says, holding the door open for me to step through. How he’d managed to get me this far was a mystery. All that reasoning and logic he’d twisted, adapted, didn’t seem so convincing anymore. “You’ve taken down murderers, rapists, entire drug rings. What’s the problem with a reunion?”

  The problem is that the murderers don’t know the go-to nicknames from my past. The problem is that the rapists only bark nice, rapey, impersonal things at me. The problem is that the drug rings don’t comment on my blonde streaks.

  God dammit what was I thinking with the highlights?


~ by Joseph Blame on April 21, 2011.

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