Zero in


  The red and blues bounce off the skyscrapers as we blast through the street, hounded by the squad cars of the cops and the smooth black sedans of a much more menacing power.
  “Fucking feds are after us!” she says from the passenger side, looking in the rear-view mirror with an expression of fear mixed with exhilaration.
  “What the hell are the federation doing chasing us down?” I ask, careening through the skies and weaving through the buildings in the hopes of losing our tail and adding a multitude of additional felonies to our eventual wrap sheet, should we ever come to face it. I’m doing my best to avoid that possible ending.
  “Whistler,” Calexis says suddenly, coming to the realization as she speaks it, “whose car did we steal?”
  “Shit,” I say, giving the revelation half my attention whilst I spend the other on the road, “oh shit.”
Isn’t the matriarch in town right now?”
  “Oh shit.”
  “Yep. Shit.”


~ by Joseph Blame on April 17, 2011.

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