The relationship between a lab geek and a detective is exactly that: a relationship. The detective keeps their geek sweet with treats, respect, and big fat credit where big fat credit is due. The forensic scientist returns the favours by making sure any case with their name on is addressed with speed and – sometimes – unwarranted priority.

  Rockford placed the tray of donuts in the passenger seat as he got back in his car and peeled away for the station. Even in all his haste to get back to the department he doesn’t forget the pleasantries – can’t forget the pleasantries. The only reason this break was coming his way was thanks to a thick foundation of Yankees tickets and after-work beers. In any other job he and Eno might have been genuine friends, hell, most other cops often mistook the two for close, but at its heart was mutual give and take.

  The fact that Eno had come first to Rockford instead of the chief was huge; to turn over such a discovery of such a case was a big deal, nevermind the length of time it took for the body-swap to come to like – hinting at an incredibly good job, they all knew what Bunting look like. His face stared out of every broadsheet. Only Bunting’s wife had figured it.

  Bunting’s wife. Usually the spouse was in on a body swap. This got more and more interesting by the minute. Oh man. Rockford was going to owe Eno a lot more than donuts when he got back, that glorious son of a bitch.


~ by Joseph Blame on April 14, 2011.

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