Fair Warning


  “Look Meredith, I’m going to be completely honest with you-”
  “-I blew it, didn’t I? When I said I’d do the seventy hour weeks, my friends said I should play hard ball but I-”
  “Kid, don’t sweat it, you didn’t blow it- you’re a sure thing, the other guy-”
  “-I’m a sure thing?” Meredith practically squealed.
  “Yeah, the other guy was a bozo,” Akser said, smiling, his Boston thick on the last word, “but you gotta learn to stop interrupting me.”
  Meredith paused, making sure she wasn’t interrupting this time, before saying quietly “I’m sorry.”
  “And you gotta learn when I’m messing with you, c’mon, how am I supposed to trust you with my messages if I can’t trust you with my sense of humour?”
  Meredith laughed a laugh that had a question mark at the end of it.
  “Anyway, as I was saying, here’s the God’s honest truth – I am going to yell at you.”
  “You are?” Meredith asked nervously, “Like, now?”
  “No not now,” Akser laughed, “but I will. My job is tough as shit, it’s only natural I’m gonna take out my stress on the nearest living organism with a face.”
  “Just thought I’d give you a heads up before offering you the job. Everyone deserves fair warning.”


~ by Joseph Blame on April 11, 2011.

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