Flight of Fancy


  My life has been a long one. Eventful doesn’t begin to do it justice. My existence has had twists and turns that would put an elaborate mystery novel to shame and more plotholes than a movie about time travel. Temporary insanity became a permanent madness that I never shook. My life has been a long one.

  I was born in the states but didn’t hang around long. Shortly after my eighteenth birthday I was on my own, jetting across the globe with the modest money I’d earned as a bus boy. It wasn’t great pay but I’d been strict on myself, hadn’t wavered from the goal I’d set from even earlier. I wanted out. America wasn’t the country for me – or so I thought – so I kissed my mom goodbye and shook my father’s hand and left for the Orient. Japan was more alien then, more introverted than it is now, understandably so, but it was rife with opportunities. Looking back I can barely remember if I was aware the world was changing in the way it was or whether my escape to the east was nothing more than a flight of fancy, but Japan was beginning to boom.

  Saigon had fallen and Vietnam was as over as it was going to be, whilst the USSR was still squaring off against my homeland far to the north when my plane touched down and I stepped from it into what would – unbeknown to me – be my home for the next few decades. I barely spoke a lick of Japanese but I knew enough to realize I was not receiving a warm welcome, but enough people were saddened upon my eventual departure to make up for it. My time there changed me. I like to think had an affect on a fair few of the Japanese too, not least of the woman who would become my wife.

  Japan is the only home I know now, thanks to the experiences I experienced in the stretch of time I spent aboard its beautiful landmass. Eventful doesn’t begin to do it justice.

Some people surprise you. This isn’t my life, before you begin to think it might be. It’s about a man I thought I knew well until I spoke again with him today. Some people surprise you…


~ by Joseph Blame on April 7, 2011.

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