The Girl in: Departure


  It was time to go. The watch dictated and The Girl could do nothing but obey. She had learnt a surprising deal from her father but nothing of her future, her purpose. It was disappointing. In her eyes, he had failed. They stood facing each other as the watch ticked down to the unknown, her father more nervous than she, it seemed. The heavy weight of the carry all pulled at her shoulder but it was better than jumping naked, unsupplied and unprepared for whatever destiny had in store for her.

  “I guess this is goodbye,” She said, sad to see this familiar time disappear into the white nothingness that the flash would bring.

  “You might get sent back. Soon, even,” her father responded, his voice betraying the optimism of his words. They both knew the chances were slim at best. She shrugged it off and he took it as a sign of maybe. He smiled a little.

  “Your mother would be so proud,” he whispered, so quiet she wasn’t sure whether or not she was intended to hear it, but she took it regardless, wrapped it up and put it somewhere safe inside herself. Maybe she would have been. Maybe she would have thought it a fool’s game. She’d never known her so she couldn’t even guess, she could just take his word for it.

  “Was she proud of you? When you jumped?”

   “She…” her father started, hesitated, continued “she didn’t like it at all. But she never asked me to stop. That’s how I knew.”

  “Knew what?”

  “Knew she understood. What I did – what you’re doing now – it’s important. I hope you know that too, kiddo.”

  Kiddo. It was The Girl’s turn to smile. She stepped forward and hugged him. He was surprised, she could tell from the stiff structuring of his body at her touch, but his hands came down around her a second before she disappeared into the light. She felt them. She took it, wrapped it up and put it somewhere safe inside.


~ by Joseph Blame on March 30, 2011.

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