A Dish Best Served Immediately


  The ship had lurched into life all at once – no flicker – like a sprung trap. There was no slow build, no early sign of intent, just white light and blaring noise and motion, motion for God’s sake. We were going somewhere.

  “What the hell is going on?” Sas asks from behind me. I retrieve my weapon from its holster – an old blaster I picked up in Xobe for a tidy sum, ready to destroy anything that dared spook us.

  “We have to get to the bridge,” I say quickly, beginning to make my way to the far end of the canteen and trying desperately to ignore all the red we’re trudging through.

  “Since when were you such a natural born El Capitan, Li?” Sas asks as he follows, hiding the horror we’re sharing with a front that’s wobbling more than it ever has before. I smile a smile he doesn’t see. Truth is, I’ve always wanted to be a captain, kind of runs in the family. Just so happened the entire family tree was razed to the ground in a shipwreck a decade ago. I was taking my gap year before I settled down to the family legacy and boom. Gone. I’ll save you the melodrama.

  “Why?” Sas squeaks, “Why the bridge? Let’s just get to the escape pods and – and-”

  “Sasquatch,” I say, turning around and looking at him in the eyes, “Someone-”

  “Or something” he interrupts.

  “Someone,” I repeat, “is on that bridge, controlling what’s left of this ship, steering us to God knows what, but whatever their endgame is, we are going to find out. Entire colony’s are being wiped out and this could be the big lead the universe is looking for.”

  “Right… right,” he says, trying his best to put the needs of the universe over his own survival instincts. Bless.

  “Besides,” I continue, turning around and walking once again towards the door, “this junker just took a giant chunk of the Awesome with her, wrecked my baby. And I take revenge very seriously.”


~ by Joseph Blame on March 29, 2011.

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