Cabin Fever


  The evening was falling faster than those that had come before it, Red noted, it’s velvet arms wrapping tight around the forest, its curtains dropping between every tree. Despite the encroaching darkness Red could make out the cabin in the distance, a warm orange glow coming from the window. The sight sped her up slightly, warmed her from here; she was eager to get out of the cold and be done with this trek. She wrapped her cloak around herself as the snow began to come down thicker and faster, building up on top of last nights fall and making her journey that much tougher. She’d call her mom for a lift once she hung out with Gram for the appropriate amount of time – there was no way she was walking home in this.

  As she walked across the clearing to the cabin she noticed footprints in the snow. Strange, Red thought to herself, Gram doesn’t rarely leaves her house. She pondered absently whether these trips were necessary anymore if she’d gotten over her agoraphobia, and decided to argue her case to her mother later that night.

  Her destination reached, Red felt her spirits lift. She was eager to set down the deceptively heavy basket of foodstuffs on the table and sit cross-legged in front of the fireplace to thaw. Red shook off the flakes and knocked hard on the door to make sure her aging grandmother not only heard it but knew she meant business. Gram didn’t like guests at the best of times, but for blood relatives she seemed to make an exception.


~ by Joseph Blame on March 22, 2011.

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