Porch Politics


  “I would literally kill for some orange slices”
  “Not literally.”
  “Yes, literally, if someone walked past with orange slices and refused to give me any, I would kill them and take their orange slices.”
  “That’s cold, little brother.”

  We’re sitting on the porch, baking in the heat of the evening and looking out at the prairie before us. Our lives have been an ocean of calm for the last couple of weeks and it’s a strange feeling. Faith hasn’t spent this long on the farm for years and her cabin fever is beginning to show. She jumps every time the phone rings, racing to it and trying to hide her hopes for a job. I have to admit, half of me is right there with her. When we do finally get the call I’ll be going along; it will be my first job since my first job, which didn’t exactly go according to plan. The other half of me is nervous, though, for that very reason. The hunter’s life isn’t exactly that shining light I once thought it was. From my limited experience, it’s not a pretty picture.

  “You know,” Faith says, somehow reading my contemplation, “they don’t all go down like that. She was an exception.”
  “What?” I scoff, “Where did that come from?” 
  “I know it’s been bugging you. I’m your big sis. I can tell.”
  “I’m serious kid, they’re usually a very black and white affair.”
  “Is that why you cry when you come home?” I ask, expecting to be punched in return. No impact comes. I look over to her and she’s shocked, trying to muster up something close to anger but it’s not coming. She opens her mouth to speak but a phone rings from inside. We sit there in silence for two rings, neither of us moving, just staring each other out, until finally she gets up, dusts herself off and hurries inside.
  “Maybe it’s a job, little brother,” she says, working hard to feign the cavalier attitude.
  “Great,” I say, looking back to the dark fields. Ominous clouds were rolling in and I could hear my sister’s excited affirmations behind me. Telling client X we’d be more than happy to take the job. “Just great.”


~ by Joseph Blame on March 16, 2011.

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