Untold Promise


  The masquerade was a festival of fast motions and freeing anonymity. The music was too loud for conversations to be had and the air was electric with the possibility of ambiguous meets between Proxies and people. They danced together none the wiser, smiles hidden behind masks, each as intrigued as the other. Tomorrow half of them would be de-mask and all would be revealed. Naked.

  Orleans looked over at Erica; she recognized the pink floral design from across the room. That and her dancing gave her away. She performed this strange flailing of limbs before a tall figure – unknown – who flowed far prettier than she. Orleans grinned and poured more punch into her glass. It had been a good night so far, and it was scheduled to go on until the sun split the Lunar Disc again. Plenty of time to find her own unknown. This year she was sure of it.


~ by Joseph Blame on March 13, 2011.

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