For Queen and Capital


Sequel to DUTY (01.04.11) 

  The deafening clash of steel on steel echoed endlessly around the crystal caves. The Kappas were fierce today, armed with bucklers and fluorspars they’d accumulated from felled unfortunates outside the safety of the city walls. Despite it all, however, their skills with such weapons were blunt and predictable, their openings easy to exploit to the trained soldiers of the guard.

  Reeling from a meeting of blades, Arcus countered quickly, striding forwards to close the gap between him and the glistening creature to bring a swift and crushing blow upon its skull. The hilt of his bastard sword emitted a sickening crack upon contact and it was all over in a moment, a moment the poor Kappa that was currently crumpling never saw. Arcus hopped over its jerking body towards his next victim without pause, eager for the day’s battle to be over already. In the distance a fresh wave of fire from the tower magi, Marceline somewhere amongst the throng, rained down, like golden fireworks, consuming a new flock of water demons as they burst from the safety of the shores, the embers of the aftermath reflecting gloriously, endlessly, as the battle waged on.

I’ve wanted to continue this one for a little while. I really liked the first part, if you remember, and as soon as I’d finished it I wanted to carry on. I’m glad I’ve done so, finally, and look forward to experiencing the rest of it with you guys.


~ by Joseph Blame on March 10, 2011.

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