A Sudden Twist

Thirty minutes have passed since they stepped aboard the hollowed ship. S.S. Erstwhile is painted across its hull in faded lettering. I don’t really get it and I don’t particularly care to. Giving leave for those clowns to search the scrapper had been… relieving. The Awesome is quiet now, like when I first haggled it into my possession back on Primera and my first awesome journey, and namesake of my vessel, through the starscape.

It was hard to man a ship on your own – impossible, even – I’d had to recruit four expensive service bots to man the various stations so that I could make it to Rockerfell and hire some sentient beings. What a mistake. The bots ran a hefty fee, used only for emergencies, usually, but they were quiet. The nights were quiet. Lunch was quiet. I didn’t have to guess why the nobles and elites relied solely on them.  I reach up and bat the small green new ship air freshener hanging above the control spread, watching it spin and twist in mid air, take a deep breath and relish the lack of commotion. Those loners know how to live, alright. This is most definitely the life.

I’m sitting there thinking about how great life is and rejoicing over my fast-ebbing headache and amusing myself with the idea of firing up the engines and abandoning my two idiot companions when all of a sudden, with a mighty roar, the engines of the Erstwhile burst into life. I barely have time to jump to my feet before the hunk of junk begins to pull away with a mighty screech and I realise it’s taking most of our dock with it. Those assholes are making a break for it, a literal break. With a screech our ships detach and the console that’s lighting the shock on my face from beneath begins to announce the hull breach. Absently, as pieces of what’s happening slowly slide into place of their own accord in my head, I tap a flashing button to close off that area of the ship. As I see some of my precious chassis float away I notice box after box of twinkies – my twinkies – tumbling into the void.

You bastards I think, you scheming sons of bitches, and with that I lock on and fire up my own thrusters. No way I’m letting them get away with this. I’ll blow them all to hell, every last micromolecule of them. They’re going to pay for tearing up my ride.


~ by Joseph Blame on March 4, 2011.

One Response to “A Sudden Twist”

  1. Nice one JB.

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