Swap Meat

The car purred like a domesticated lioness, making the rush of midtown still somehow enjoyable. If there was one thing that was important to Rockford, it was his wheels. He’d sprang for his own vehicle after his cruiser had let him down for the second time, and the department had let it slide. It didn’t hurt that Rockford let the chief take it for a spin every now and then. Rockford had never considered himself a car guy, never been interested in them unless they were getting jacked, or vandalised, or speeding away from his pursuit. Back when he was a beat cop. Now he couldn’t imagine life without driving her through it. His little slice of adventure.

He’d always thought that life as a detective would be more exciting than working the streets, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. It was bloodier, sure, but the crimson was already congealed by the time he got there and besides, stiffs don’t put up much of a fight. He hadn’t pulled his piece in over eight years, not with any real intent anyway, and the monotony had been getting to him. It had been with a sense of tedium he’d cracked case after case, a been there, done that attitude that impressed his superiors but left him feeling a little empty. Cavalier wasn’t as cool from the inside as the out. But this one seemed different. Genuinely interesting. The new development didn’t hurt. Swap meat wasn’t as rare as it sounded, especially with the tycoons and fatcats with a lot to lose, but this guy – he had no reason to disappear. Bunting’s stock had been rising with a frankly terrifying velocity on a day by day basis and news was that he was the world’s biggest up and comer. Murder fit, fit like a bloodied glove, but faking his own death? It didn’t add up. His accounts had been left untouched, no funds mysteriously transferred to anonymous accounts or overseas or any of the clichés Rockford was used to. It didn’t make sense.

He rode her a little harder, eager to get back to the station, to delve deeper into this one. For the first time in a long time he felt it pulling. And it felt good.


~ by Joseph Blame on March 3, 2011.

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