Pacifica spun idly in her swivel chair, waiting for someone, anyone to come online. ‘When did the internet become such a drag?’ she thought to herself. She slowly clicked through her list of favourites, checking for updates, signs of life, proof the world wasn’t as bored as she was. She found no such evidence. Facebook, despite her ridiculous number of friends, was a graveyard. The latest post on her feed was a couple of hours ago by some bozo she didn’t even remember adding.

“Is there some giant party going on that I don’t know about?” Pacifica said aloud to herself. Her phone lay on the desk, as silent as it had been the entire evening. It would be creepy if she cared enough to think about. Usually she couldn’t juggle the hoard of people itching to chat to her through one medium or another. Popularity wasn’t easy to maintain, but she was damn good at it. Maybe, she thought, it was a sign. Take a night off. She usually had to sneak short bursts of leisure time between school and her social life. Maybe she’d challenge her dad to a game of Wii Tennis – God knows he was always asking. He’d been a bit of a loner since her Mom died, drinking a beer in silence as the TV played quiet reruns of shows he’d seen a hundred times before. She’d feel genuinely sorry for him if she wasn’t always so busy. But tonight might be a good time to touch base with the man who sired her.

Just as she was logging off her various clients and feeds there was a familiar pop, an incoming message from the white and blue swash of the social network. Relieved the apocalypse wasn’t coming about after all she clicked over to the tab, eager to see who had finally spoke to her. Despite knowing eighty percent of her friends list in any real way, the message sender was definitely the last person she’d expected to hear from tonight, or any night for that matter. She saw the name and gasped.


~ by Joseph Blame on February 28, 2011.

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