Girl’s Night Out


Windia lay back on the crest of the hill, looking up at the night sky far above. Dark silhouettes passed across the stars, obscuring them as they flew towards their dark destinations and even darker goals. She shuddered as she saw a flock of them soar across the pitch black canvas of the evening, their wings beating in unison, their cries audible even from the vertigo-inducing altitude above.

The beasts Sakura’s father had released in the hopes of opening a portal to the real world were relentless, the skies were no longer safe for the girls, but the lack of an open flame had seemingly been enough to hide their campsite from their pursuers. An unexpected voice from behind caused Windia to jump violently.

Hullo,” the girl said, pausing as she watched her friend start. She tried to hide a smile. “Sorry.”

“Casper!” Windia said, her alarm ebbing instantly into a feeling of foolishness. She sat up as her friend came to sit beside her. “Where are the others?”

“Follett’s entranced by Sakura’s stories,” Casper said nonchalantly – she didn’t think much of the young witch that recently joined their party – “and Rosa’s already asleep.”

“She pushes herself too hard,” Windia said, concern heavy on her voice, “she’ll wear out long before we reach the castle.”

“Nah,” Casper said, staring out at the shape in the distance, barely visible against the horizon, its spires protruding like little spikes against the smooth curve of the earth, “she’s tough. Toughest of all of us. She’ll be fine.”

They sat in silence, both looking out towards their goal, both imagining what new horrors awaited them upon their arrival, both failing to do that dark future justice.

This story is an adaptation of Deathsmiles, a video game that I’ve been enjoying recently. It’s a very traditional Japanese shmup focusing on four teenage girls (and a witch) who fly through a parallel universe in the hopes of returning to their real world.

In other news, even my laptop now has a (very malignant) virus, which is a pain to say the least. Ah well.


~ by Joseph Blame on February 27, 2011.

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