Escape to Crimson


  Violent thoughts sailed absently through Amanda’s mind, the segments of it that weren’t punctuated by the ruckus that filled every inch of the minivan. She couldn’t remember with all their screaming and shouting why she’d agreed to take her daughter’s cheerleading team to the meet in the first place, but she was in it for the long haul now, every piercing decibel of it. She gripped the wheel a little too tightly and tried her best to drift off into her happy place; a blood-soaked land where little girls met their fate at the business end of an axe. Aaah.

A special thanks to my editor for offering up this little morsel of her day to serve my storytelling needs. This one was a difficult one to shave down to 100 words, which – if anything – tells me it’s a good one. Whenever I’m pushed like that I remember why the boundaries are there in the first place. Less is more.


~ by Joseph Blame on February 26, 2011.

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