The farm was quiet, as quiet as Lola had learnt it could be. The soft moos of the herd drifted across the fields to the east and below her perch on the roof M&Ms was napping on the porch. The sheepdogs body rose and fell slowly, a peaceable pooch for a change. Emmie, her younger sister, had dubbed him thusly, though he wasn’t any of the colours the candy came in. No, her reason had been simple; he’s sweet. No one had been able to bring up a valid point against such an argument and so her suggestion had won out, to be constantly confused by strangers as some homage to the white-as-rice rapper.

  The tiles were cool underneath her as Lola saw the day in. Her father was in the henhouse, the squabble of its inhabitants evidence enough that he was poaching their eggs. The rooster sat on top, unperturbed, its beak nestled in a wing. Somewhere she could hear Emmie laughing, such a distinct sound, probably terrorizing Tinker the tabby or running in circles trying to catch her own butt. She’d seen M&Ms do it recently and decided she’d do what he couldn’t. Her goal, as with her pet’s, had been fruitless so far.

  Lola slowly lowered herself down the roof, scooting carefully towards the precipice that would lead her to the small balcony of her bedroom. The farmhouse was a strange place architecturally, a wonderful hybrid of so many different makers that it was wholly unique. As she dropped onto the patio she wondered idly what she would do with her day off, which were few and far between for an blood-tied farmhand, perhaps take War for a ride into town or work on her plot in the garden or maybe, just maybe, remain in her pyjamas and do absolutely nothing.

As we approach the end of February and come ever closer to the finish line of BPD, I grow slightly nervous. Nervous that not all of my mini-series will make it to the finish themselves, so with that in mind I’ve decided to make next month Mini-Series March, a month dedicated to furthering each of the main minis towards an ultimate goal and whilst perhaps not an ultimate end, at least a satisfactory close – for now. Hope you guys like what you see.

~ by Joseph Blame on February 25, 2011.

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