And On And On And On


  It was probably at the point when Susan snorted wine from her nose that I realised we’d been at the party for far too long. The joke wasn’t even that funny. Emily and Kim were in the back talking about make-up and boys and doing each other’s nails, actually doing each other’s nails. Ally was eating jello in the corner, claiming half-refridgerated produce as an inoculation against a hangover she didn’t have the inebriation to back up yet. I’d wanted to go home early tonight. I’d wanted to read a book I’d been saving for days. I wanted to go to sleep early and wake up late. But look at me now. One with the masses. To be eternally drowned and drowned again.

  And you know what? I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Not a particularly long story today I know but one I quite like. Inspired by true events and all that. Stuff is going on right now and I’m trying to keep it together. The blog will not suffer.


~ by Joseph Blame on February 19, 2011.

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