Tempting Fate


  We reach the bottom of the escalators in a cold sweat and turn back to see them following us, tumbling down, spilling over the moving banisters in an attempt to be the first to reach our fresh flesh. Mac turns the moving staircase on so that they have a little extra to fight against before we all turn and race towards the front of the store. Romero would have you believe a mall is a pretty decent place to hold up during a zombie outbreak but this one is too far gone to be of any use. Every crevice and darkened corner seems to be hiding one of them, each as hungry as the last.

  The streets are, as predicted, no better. Every corpse in the city seems to have converged here, judging by sheer numbers, their groans heavy on the air. Some of the walkers that are altogether more with it, and by with it I mean intact – seriously there are some on the street that defy physics just be remaining upright – turn to us as we burst out into the cold night, our breath clouding against it. Our grips tighten on our makeshift weapons. We’d made a mad dash through the Homeware section on our way through the store.

  “Which way’s the house, man?” Adam says, turning to me. After James had finally given up selling us his automobile I’d suggested we simply make a run for my apartment and collect our thoughts there. Selfishness – the desperate hope my girlfriend was safely tucked away at home – also played a hand. I hoped it didn’t get us killed.

  “This way,” I say, turning on my heel and racing down the road, gripping the broom handle in my sweaty palms. The head had been snapped off by a persistent bastard inside and it’s ability to push back the undead had suffered considerably. Every zombie since seemed to get stuck horrifically on its sharpened end and required a boot to the chest to alleviate myself of the deadweight.  Desensitization had blessed me quicker than the others, it seemed, a fact I wasn’t entirely ungrateful for. We all had a couple of cleavers in our belts if things got up close and personal but luckily none of us had to use them. Yet.

  “This is our punishment,” Adam pants from the middle of the group as we dart our way through the pockets of danger.

  “What’s that?” I manage without looking around.

  “This is what we get,” he continues, “for oversaturating the market with the fuckers. With every other video game, movie and book featuring zombies, it was only a matter of time until we tempted fate to breaking point.”


~ by Joseph Blame on February 16, 2011.

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