“This is so out of our jurisdiction” the kid said as he followed his partner across the road towards the warehouse. 
“Do you even know what that word means?” the vet replied gruffly, one hand awkwardly on his holster, ready for anything.
  “Sure I do,” said the kid, “it means permission to kick butt.”
Uh-huh. Just keep your cool, let me do the talking and we might just make it out of this in one piece.”
  “Sure, sure,” the kid said, hiding his nerves with his cocky attitude. He wondered if he was fooling anyone. They arrived at side of the warehouse they’d been staring at for all those hours. It looked different close up. Bigger, definitely. More… real. He had formed a detachment to the building through sheer intensity, like saying a word over and over again. Its contents, its secrets, hell – even its dangers – they had all lost their meaning.
  The vet steadied himself, calmed himself with deep breaths, checked the safety on his pistol for the fifth time that minute, and looked at his newfound partner in anti-crime. They nodded at each other silently, the kid going through a routine of his own, and the vet banged loudly on the door. Three booming knocks lost in the hubbub of the street.
  On edge they stood there for an entire minute, unmoving, until they realized there would be no answer. The vet knocked again. Still nothing. 
  “now can we go home?” the rook asked again, although with less hope in his voice this time. He’d known his partner for little under a day but it had been enough to know what was coming next.
  “We’re not going to let the first hurdle take us down kid, we’re going in.”
  “Great, so the next one can actually take us down.”
  The vet withdrew his pistol and – reluctantly – the rook did the same. Another routine, this one for a different situation. It took a little longer to get ready for a raid, but eventually the vet reached forwards with an almost embarrassed look on his face to try the handle. It never worked, of course, the police had enforcers for a reason, but this time, however, it opened with a subtle click, the entire affair incredibly understated. Both of them watched, stupefied, as the door simply swung open.
  “Did you know-” the kid started.
  “No idea.”
  “Now what?”
  “I guess now we crash this party.”

~ by Joseph Blame on February 7, 2011.

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