A Game Unchanged


  “This simply won’t work if you guys are insisting on being little bitches,” he said, seemingly attempting to iron out the frown lines on his forehead with his thumb and forefinger.

  “Excuse the insolence, sir, but by nature I think we’re as one-hundred-percent bitch as you can get in this school.”

  “James,” the dance instructor said, pacing between the students, “the world is a different place now. No one looks at a dancing boy and thinks gay anymore.”

  “I think you’ll find they do sir,” replied another boy, igniting snickers from his classmates.

  “We’ve had some real gamechangers in recent years,” the instructor said, restarting the song on the jukebox in the corner and waving everyone to their positions, “I mean Billy Elliot alone-”

  “Gay!” shouted one of the kids at the back and the room burst into unadulterated laughter.

  “Children,” the new hire said to himself, turning the music up to blare out the little shits behind him, “proof that God hates us all.”


~ by Joseph Blame on February 3, 2011.

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