My Best Friend’s Funeral


  Two Months Earlier…

  Catherine felt better today. Better than she had in a long time. Life was beginning to move forward again. Wounds weren’t so much healing as they were fading into background noise. A numb throb. Not every facet of her existence – or anyone’s, for that matter – revolved around the void Dennis had left. It had been tough, made tougher still by insensitive jerks and the bitches that couldn’t see past their own malformed egos, but her friends had pulled together and pushed through it all. In life Dennis was very much the glue between the members of the group – an unlikely combination of stereotypical cut-outs of high school cliques, and in death he only strengthened that strange bond. People learned to leave the group alone after Bud took it upon himself to pound anyone who dared joke.

  Strangely it was the day to day, completely and mundanely normal stuff that had suffered most as a result of the loss. No one texted each other, or emailed or facebooked. It was the black on white, Catherine thought, that seemed so empty. So pointless. Many nights were spent simply sitting together in a room and watching a muted set play reruns of The Wonder Years. It seemed strange to think back to it, to glimpse into their grief from what seemed now like an outside point of view. It felt alien.

  But it was long ago now, long enough ago to say ‘long ago’ without feeling heartless. His absence had become the norm, the ragtag group he’d left behind beginning to wonder why they were even sticking together at all. There wasn’t any guilt holding them back. Not anymore. Catherine could feel it and she suspected most of them could too. Like the inevitable ending to the Breakfast Club they drifted slowly apart. It was plain to see in their frivolous status updates and photos of the night before the morning after and tags and pokes and messages and lack thereof. Dennis’ work was unravelling at the seams. Catherine realized nothing would ever be the same again, and it was at that moment that she received the message…


~ by Joseph Blame on February 2, 2011.

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