Sky Trip through the Serpensphere


The sun was setting and in its setting set the the horizon alight with purple flames that danced, a wonderful aurora that seemed to burst from the foothill’s gentle peaks. Anineteenth ran her pale hand down the Griffon’s golden blaze, its forehead flat and smooth and transitioning flawlessly into the cold of its beak. It nibbled playfully at her as she brought her hand around to his neck, his eyes closed, content and trusting as she scratched under his chin.
“You flew well today, Bastion,” she said softly. The beast before her seemed to shrug his shoulders, indifferent to her praise, as he rearranged his ashen wings and settled down to sleep. She smiled and returned to the illumination of the camp and its crackling fire. The clearing was empty, Anineteenth’s companion – and the owner of the abandoned broadsword that lay beside a moss-covered log – having walked off, as he often did. The glint of a Thorium vein having caught his eye, perhaps, or the journey of a herd of the wildebeest that populated these lands so densely finding purchase within his interest, she thought. She walked the short walk over the rough and rocky ground to the precipice of their hilltop, the vast plains stretching out before her, eerily empty tonight. She found him there, silhouetted against the lilacs and pinks and fuchsias of the sky, his large frame haloed with the beautiful display.
“Hullo Hellbeorn,” she said, standing beside him and looking out over the expanse of barren land below.
“Evening Anine,” he said, not surprised to find her there at all. She had a way of sneaking up on people unintentionally, a way he was used to by now. He noticed her looking up, not at the lights shimmering in the draw but up at the albino drake circling overhead.
“He doesn’t want to come down just yet,” Hellbeorn said, grinning in the darkness.
“I’ve never met a beast as full of energy as Zeppelin,” Anineteenth replied gazing up sleepily at the ever-beating wings of the dragon above. Miles upon miles had been swept effortlessly under her wings today, she’d taken the Excella hinterlands without stopping for breath, the bogs of Bethesda had been traversed without tiring, indeed – even the outer reaches of the Serpensphere had bowed before her, yet Zeppelin was relentless in her hunger for more.
“Bastion was impressive today,” Hellbeorn said, looking up at his mount with Anineteenth. “It takes something special to keep up with Zep.”
“She did,” Anineteenth agreed, a warm pride emanating from within her delicate frame, “she really did.”

~ by Joseph Blame on January 23, 2011.

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