There was a weight to the ball in her hand, a leaden thrum of responsibility that reverberated inside, quiet and powerful at once. The beast before her was on its haunches, tired and weak. Even defeated though the mammoth Pokémon towered above her, intimidating in its stature alone. She knew it was now or never. There would be no struggle. The mighty Rhydon was soon to be hers.

  April’s Blastoise glanced back at her, waiting for the next move. She shook her head almost imperceptibly, but the creature nodded his understanding. He stepped back slowly, heavily from the improvised battle field to stand by his trainer, waiting for the inevitable capture. April tossed the ball in the air a couple of times, her posture poised and ready if the bested Poké before her tried to make a run for it. Ultra balls were heavier than she was used to, more powerful but harder to throw. She was essentially throwing twelve hundred Pyen and if it missed, that was dollar down the drain. Gary probably didn’t have a problem with them at all – his elite status as the Grandson of a Pokémon professor almost guaranteed he would have been using them since his first capture.

  Satisfied with the feel of the device in her ever-moistening palm she prepared to throw it. Suddenly, from behind a rock a man in a bright yellow work jacket stepped out. How long has he been there? April thought to herself, probably watched the whole battle. He adjusted his glasses and held up a commanding hand – “Stop,” he said, his voice audibly unsure of himself.

  “What?” April said, her arm still cocked behind her, ready to throw the ball, annoyed at the intrusion but unwilling to let it get in the way of a capture.

  “Too many trainers come by here to prepare for battling Giovanni” he squeaked. The Rhydon appraised the interruption, judging whether or not it would be a smart move to exeunt stage left.

  “Dude, bug off,” said April, watching the Pokémon incredibly carefully and giving little notice to the twerp in the luminous threads.

  “A Pokémon’s for life!” he said, louder now, “Not just for the next gym battle!”

Yes, this is a story about pokemon. Yes, this is practically that ungodly form of prose, Fanfiction. Yes – I am a grown man infatuated with a video game series aimed at youngsters. Deal. With. It.

(really the only surprise here is that it took me thirty weeks before I finally just gave in and wrote this!)


~ by Joseph Blame on January 19, 2011.

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