“Have you heard the story,” Francine began, threading her voice with menace, “of the haunted profile page?”
  The group around the campfire smirked at the attempt.
  “I’m serious you guys,” she continued fearfully, “I’d advise you not to mock.”
  “Or what?” Pacifica said, laughing now with the others, “we’ll displease some ancient Facebook God and inflict the wrath of a thousand pokes?”
   “It’s not funny,” insisted Francine as the group laughed harder, “Catherine’s up in Cold Oaks because of it.”
  “No,” insisted Pacifica with an air of superiority, “Cathie’s up in Crazy Oaks because she got high and thought her mom’s sleeping pills were white M&Ms.”
  “You’re wrong,” the anxious girl replied quietly, “I visited her. She told me she got an IM from Dennis. Two months ago.” The group fell morbidly and uncomfortably silent.
  “Yo, that’s not funny Franny,” said Bud from his perch on a log opposite.
  “Yeah,” Pacifica added, “Way not cool.”
  “But I’m serious,” Francine started again, “At first she thought it was some heartless prankster, but he began talking to her about things only they knew about-”
  “Save it.” said Bud, cutting her off. The mood was dark, darker than the forest that surrounded them. Their long-lost laughs – that now seemed so alien  – echoed off the trees in the distance. Flashbacks of frivolity. 

A very special thanks to the lovely Lynne Reiter for providing me, yet again, with another awesome idea. Cheers dollface.


~ by Joseph Blame on January 18, 2011.

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