continued from Inception

  Paquin and Adelaide are mere blurs in the distance before they disappear altogether, darting behind the skyline they so aptly traverse with nary a nerve in sight. I can’t keep up – there was never any hope of that – and I know the three hundred seconds will be no less forgiving as I leap and scrabble and attempt to follow them with a shred of grace but it – like so many other things today – alludes me.

  Adelaide was right. With the clock ticking there is no time to think; it’s all instinct, every beat of my heart and every footfall beneath me not so much considered but inevitable instead, a path laid out to me by my forbearers – though I may be butchering it slightly in the execution. It’s a rush, a rewarding pulse of life unlike any other in my twenty-two years of existence, and it passes me by in a flash like the city beneath me, its deathly toll of car horns and sirens ignorant to the challenge above, the challenger escaping time and time again from the ruthless grasp of gravity.

  The base is in sight, the final stretch stretching out forever ahead.

And out of nowhere, my 200th post! (and my first 200 word post!)  Wow. 200 stories in 200 days. I’m not sure what I’m more surprised at – that I got this far without giving up or that I have yet to miss a midnight deadline despite the world’s best efforts. It’s kind of scary, to be honest; it’s actually visible, the finish line, and the idea of not writing a story every day at once terrifies and excites me. 165 to go :3


~ by Joseph Blame on January 12, 2011.

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