Heroes of Bromidicity


  Capeman sat down in somewhat of a huff in his base of operations, Homecave. His sidekick, Redcoat, knew immediately that something was up. 
  “What’s up, Capeman?” he asked, pausing his videogame and putting the controller to one side.
  “Wonderbra woman won’t even give me the time of day,” Capeman said sulkily, “how am I ever going to make her my superpowered bride?”
  “Oh come on,” Redcoat said, leaning forward, “I’m pretty sure I remember you guys swapping stories back at Tophat’s party.”
  “She was drunk,” Capeman said, grabbing a pack of Lucky Stikes from his fanny pack and taking one between his fingers. He put it between his lips before muttering – as he roots for a lighter – “she thought I was Handsome Devil. She kept saying, ‘Oh han, you tell the most interesting stories.’”
  “There you go,” Redcoat said, holding back a grimace, “regardless of who she thought you were, she still thought your stories were interesting.”
  Capeman considered this for a second, his lighter poised next to the unlit cigarette, then shook his head. “I wasn’t exaggerating when I said she wouldn’t give me the time. I saw her on the rooftops near the ‘burbs and when I asked what the time was she said ‘Time for you to find another superhero to stalk.’” 
What a bitch.”

I’ve wanted to do something with superheroes for a very long time. It needed to be something different though, and something that could work in words. Hope you guys liked this introduction to the world, and look forward to seeing the next part!


~ by Joseph Blame on January 11, 2011.

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