Nine Months


  The beating pulsing everythings of everydays, omnipresent and eternal as it holds me unrelenting, pitch and wet and warm, embraces me, thick and dark and zero g, feeds me, a sci-fi tube pumping liquid life to my core, muffled sounds above and the lightest of pressure, my neighbours live and pulse and maintain all about me, beautiful blood and viscera I can’t see, I kick and squirm a joyful wriggle to a beat I can barely hear until – at last – i feel it coming, a letting go, a release, a vacuum burst and emptied and a splash far below, excitement, terrified and nervous but excitement nonetheless, of a host I know inside and out, a gestation to know one another without ever truly knowing one another until I see it, the tunnel, the light, the world.


~ by Joseph Blame on January 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Nine Months”

  1. really nice idea! you can really relate…oddly.

  2. good init

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