“It’s a hot enough day without putting all this-” Arcus lets the chainmail slip through his fingers like metal waves, crashing to the bench between them, “on as well.”
  “Hun,” Marceline says, picking up the chainmail and slipping it over Arcus’ head, “please, for me. I promise you, when you’re out there, the heat will be the last thing on your mind.”
  “Easy for you to say,” Arcus muffled voice says from within the mail as he wriggles around inside it, looking for the collar, “you’ll be sitting pretty in your cotton robes. Probably a nice breeze up there atop that tower too.”
  “Well, yes,” Marceline says, suppressing a smile as she hands Arcus his breast plate, “but our job is just as important.”
  “Oh no doubt,” he replies, “and I hope today more than ever you’re on your game.”
  “Don’t worry sweetheart,” she says, leaning forward and kissing Arcus on his cheek before placing his helmet over his head, “I won’t let anything happen to you.”
  “The battlefield is going to be a bloody one today,” he says, sliding his gauntlets up to his elbows and clenching his fists, “it’s days like this I wish I chosen to study magicks instead of swordsmanship.
  “It’s not all its cracked up to be, you know?” Marceline says, a little indignant, from beside the weapon rack as she picks up a particularly sharp bastard sword, “down there you’ve only got to look after yourself, and try to kill as many kappas as you can. We mess up one time – we miss a protection spell or- or a bubble shield doesn’t open properly and someone could die. And we’re the ones that have to live with that!” She is upset now and even through his grilled visor Arcus can tell. He approaches from behind and wraps her up in his armour-clad arms.
  “Don’t worry,” he says simply, “You won’t mess up. You never do. I’ll be back tonight. Just like always.”

I quite like this story. It actually surprised me how much I began to dig it after beginning to write. The characters are cool, their relationship is cool, I wanna know more about where they live and this daily defence gig they have against the kappa. It was only meant to be a one shot, and I’ll mark it such for now, but maybe one day I’ll continue this. Watch this space.


~ by Joseph Blame on January 4, 2011.

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