Booze & Bad Decisions


  The party was a dull and cramped affair, and amidst the jostling crowd – loud and drunk and obnoxious – Tamara found a quiet spot to stand and hold her drink. It was the same vodka and coke she’d been holding two hours ago – she wasn’t big on spirits and tonight seemed like a pointless endeavour anyway. New Years, as far as she was concerned, was a celebration only to stop it being a wake. Mourning the loss of another year, another step, on that winding road to inevitability.

  She saw Sudoku – whose real name was Akio – stumbled through the crowds, squeezing and barging until he arrived flustered in front of her.
  “Hullo, Sudoku,” she said, barely audible to herself let alone others. 
  “Tammy,” he shouted, loud enough to beat the blare of the subwoofer in the corner, “cheer the fuck up! It’s a party! ” With that he threw an arm around her shoulders and squeezed her to him tight before whispering in her ear, “just think of all those little downtrodden kids you’re always going on about and how much they wish they could be standing here, with us, in this deafening church of booze and bad decisions.”

  Tamara thought about this briefly. She downed her drink.

Well guys, that’s it for 2010! See you in the next one. I hope all my readers (that’s right, both of you!) have a great night tonight and just remember: crank that bitch. Peace!


~ by Joseph Blame on December 31, 2010.

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