A Forgiving Christmas


Illinois stirs me at eight in the morn,
Bright lights from outside all a glitter,
The snow and the sun and the Wintery dawn,
And the crisp Christmas air cold and bitter,

The house is as silent as the morning is bright;
To be expected when Faith’s on a hunt,
We still haven’t spoken since the Iowa fight,
She’s insistent on being a… mean sister,

The Rockford sticks are still and serene,
When I look through the window outside,
Nary a whisper on the morning’s pure scene,
Trees in dresses as white as a bride,

There’s a curious feeling at the foot of my sheets,
A present wrapped up in a sock,
The lone gift inside my life it completes,
My sister had bought me a Glock!

I bound down the hall full of holiday joy,
Douchebaggery all but forgotten,
Armed with forgiveness (and a deadly new toy,)
To the room of my sibling begotten,

So on this holy day we fix what we tore,
And together have shitloads of fun,
Brother and sister a great team once more,
And I have a kick-ass new gun!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight! Hope you guys enjoyed the eight days of CHRISTMAS!!! I really enjoyed writing the mini-series’ holiday specials and I know that you enjoyed them – I mean how can you not? ONE WAS A CLASSIC CHRISTMAS POEM. Love to all my readers.

~ by Joseph Blame on December 25, 2010.

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