The Girl in: An Unknown Christmas


  The Girl wakes in a bed. It is a strange feeling after so many rough nights spent in conditions considerably less than favorable – the soft mattress beneath her, the warmth of the duvet surrounding her. She breathes in the room as she wriggles beneath the covers, stretching her toes through the holes in her boots. She’d flashed down hours ago but the double jump had, as predicted, taken its toll. She slowly blinks out of the wipeout she had slipped into and glances around at the room she finds herself in. It is a small and bare affair with a couple of boxes in the corner and an old dresser that takes up an entire wall. A thin layer of dust coats everything. There is a large window but it is too dark outside to see where or – more importantly – when she is. The floral wallpaper fosters a pattern that is strangely familiar in a nostalgic sort of way.

  The watch has sixteen hours ticking away on it when she pulls it uncomfortably from her back pocket and checks. She lays there for a few more minutes, wondering if she can pass away the entire duration of her stay in the comfort of the small bed, when she notices a thrumming from downstairs, It has been there since her rousing – the soft sound of piano bleeds through the floorboards – but she had only just registered it, She lays  still and listens for a while, unperturbed; it isn’t the first time she’s appeared in a house that is occupied, and thus it isn’t nearly as disconcerting as the first time – an old couple down in Florida who had sworn she – the intruder – had simply burst with a flash into existence, sitting in a chair across from them as they enjoyed their regular Sunday meatloaf.

  She eventually stirs, only to answer an ever increasingly urgent call emanating from her bladder, and opens the door to the hallway outside. It is only then that she realizes where she is.

To be continued tomorrow…!


~ by Joseph Blame on December 20, 2010.

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