A Make-do Christmas


  The ship hasn’t touched down in what seems like forever, stopping only for drive-by refuels on the long journey stratos-side. The captain was a cheap bastard and refused to pay the credits for a jump through a stabilized hole, and consequently we – that is, Lianna and I – had to experience the month long journey the way the original celestial settlers had. The S.S. Awesome didn’t have cryo-pods – although the lack of central heating made the entire place feel like one – and we spent the time playing endless rounds of Omeagle and poking at dry flakes of food in silicon pouches. The Awesome had very little, in fact, to differentiate it from some of the abandoned junkers I’d explored and salvaged when I was back as part of the Fleet, and it wasn’t a rare occurrence that I found myself wishing for the days I’d spent holed up in hulking behemoths like Das S.S. Toten for a pick up.

  Lianna seemed to handle to drudgery of the Awesome and – more impressively – the obnoxious captain far better than I. She would often engage in our shit shooting sessions with entirely believable aplomb, but I think this was more for my sake than her own. She was a calm girl that I’d met mere minutes before setting foot upon the corrugated steel walkways that I would come to call my home, chilled even amidst the baking sands of Primera. We hit it off right away, her relaxed yin to my tightly wound yang.

  “Looks kind of like snow, right?” She asks, interrupting my reverie as she points out towards the stars. We’re kicking it in the stern of the vessel, staring out as spaces passes overhead, the stars slowly – very slowly – falling past our window.

  “I guess,” I say, cheering up a little. A Christmas on the Awesome was a bogus concept, of that there was no doubt. A Christmas spent with Lianna, on the other hand, was not such a detestable idea. I throw back what’s left of my drink and as it burns through my body to replace the chill that was taking hold I smile and think it could be worse. It could be a lot worse.       

The second of seven holiday specials spanning all our favourite mini-series, leading all the way to Christmas day!! Just so you know, due to ongoing story-arcs in most of the mini-series the Christmas specials will be non-chronological. Some may be flashback. Anyway, ENJOY!


~ by Joseph Blame on December 19, 2010.

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