A Cold Christmas


    A biting wind rolls through the city and everyone about me clutches their coats to their chests in a bid to minimalize the freeze. It’s the coldest December I can remember and all the combined warmth of every window display and Christmas light does little to help warm me up. I can’t wait to get home to Lindsay and the balmy heat that surrounds her. First, though, I had to find a suitable gift for the girl that had saved me – had given me everything and asked for nothing in return.

  Our new house rests on the outskirts of the outskirts of a pleasant enough little city in a pleasant enough little state. I’d made the hour and a half long drive through the treacherous, black-iced roads and the sludgey remnants of the mornings snowfall to come in and get presents for Linds and Jenny. I was due to pick up the latter at the station on the way back, but the weather looked like it would have some delays in store for her. My sister was as easy to shop for as I always remembered, her present wrapped delicately in a plastic bag that hung limp from my frozen fingers. Lindsay, though, was an entirely different beast. What do you get someone like her? I didn’t know, but I had spent the last half hour searching with little luck.

I spent 12 hours traversing the country today. Well traversing is kind of an overstatement, but the journey – which usually takes two hours – certainly felt like a cross-continental journey. I made it to my destination in time to update, thankfully, so just be happy with what you got!!


~ by Joseph Blame on December 18, 2010.

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