The Storm Approaches


  Bette paused, curiosity getting the better of her, and turned on her heel. She started to make her way back down the corridor, stopping at her door and cautiously pushing it open. The well lit room was undeniably empty. Shivering, Bette turned to make her way back to the dining hall when the long, slow howl pierced the quiet once again, erupting from the room at the far end of the hall. Saul’s room. Bette darted back, banging on the door. A terrified Clarice arrived by her side surprisingly fast. She was easily spooked.
  “Stop this tomfoolery at once Saul, it is not amusing.” Bette demanded. There was still no reply, and the howling had died down. After a moment of waiting, a moment that prickled with a disconcerting tension, she fell to her knees, patting down the frills of her petticoat as she approached the keyhole with trepidation. Placing one eye outside the ornate lock, Bette looked in.
  Her limited vision was enough to solve the mystery of the sound – An open window onto a windy night was visible beyond the mess that was Saul’s abandoned boudoir – what it did not explain however was the whereabouts of one young man that had undoubtedly been in the house barely ten minutes ago. He had excused himself from the meal and never returned. The likelihood of him escaping through the window were slim – the fall would have been a long and crippling one. Rising to her feet, Bette explained to a relieved Clarice that the noise had just been the wind.
  “Come, let us return to our supper” said a mystified and worried Bette, keeping those emotions in check for Clarice’s sake. 
  The rest of the meal passed in silence, bar the ticking of an old Grandfather clock next to the window. Outside, in the cold December night, a tall tree was being violently thrown about in the ever increasing wind.
  “A storm is coming” Clarice whispered.

From the 18th to the 25th it’ll be SEASONAL SPECIAL SEASON here at Blame Per Diem!! Which means all your favourite mini-series getting down with their festive self. Make you sure you check it out, it’s going to be just magical. (disclaimer: may or may not actually be magical)


~ by Joseph Blame on December 16, 2010.

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