“Never have I ever-” Started Orleans, giggling slightly as she decided on a statement, before finally settling on “fantasized about a Proxy.”

  The group laughed nervously, glancing around at each other. Tentatively a few of them raised their bottles to their lips, keeping their eyes on each other to make sure they weren’t alone, and – trying to suppress their grins – take a sip. The others laugh and clap. “No way,” Sureen says, pointing at the perpetrators.

  “I don’t know,” says Erica as she drunkenly rearranges her fingers to mark her guilt, “There’s just something so damn mysterious about those masks. Don’t you just wanna rip them off?”

  “Sure,” Boreanna said loudly as  she poured herself a fresh and fiery cocktail, “but I never thought about making out with whatever is underneath”

  The group bursts into rippling peels of laughter once again and Orleans snorts an illegitimate sip of Nanookian Nectar out of her nose. 

Looking forward to writing some more of this. So many questions, whose answers are only just forming – in excited bursts – in my head. This is the feeling I write for.


~ by Joseph Blame on December 12, 2010.

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